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Week {20} in review


This past week has been brimming with sun, and I have been eating it up like chocolate. I have been positively glued to my Chacos, froyo, shorts, and the park. The Spanish do this odd thing where instead of dressing for the weather, they dress for the season. So even though it was sunny and 70 degrees outside, coats and scarves were everywhere, and my attire was met with choruses of “fresquitaaaaa!” (“chilly,” more or less). Because I care. Anyway, last week, I

  • Scandalized the teachers at my school by wearing Chacos in March. The temperature of my toes was of grave concern to everyone.
  • Cheered Escarabote on to second place at the Annual Boiro Primary School Smackdown (a.k.a. student foot race on the beach)
  • Witnessed a riot
  • Learned how to make gluten-free orejas (a typical Carnaval food) with a teacher from my school
  • Guided a couple of visiting auxiliar friends around Santiago
Gluten-free orejas
Gluten-free orejas

DSC_0527 - Version 2

Music in the streets of Santiago
The "carrera" (race)
“Carrera” on the Boiro beachside
Impromptu didgeridoo concert
Tea time
Tea time in the park
A cloudless cathedral
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Week {19} in review

Parque Belvis, Santaigo de Compostela
Parque Belvis (Santiago de Compostela)


Are you as confused by that as I am? This week, Santiago’s rain decided to cash in its vacation days. I had no idea so many people lived in Santiago until I saw them overflowing from the terrazas outside every restaurant, café, and bar in sight. I scrambled for my sunglasses (that antiquated word for the things you need when there’s, like, sunlight), and celebrated with a picnic in Belvis Park. There were bare feet and strawberries and even tinto de verano with lemon slices. And to cap it all off, last weekend’s rain meant Pontevedra moved their carnival parade, so a few friends and I headed there to catch the festivities and some rays on the beach (pics to come). It was a total contrast to Santiago’s umbrella-clad affair. Fingers crossed the sun is here for keeps.

To Vitamin D!


By the Rio Sar (Santiago de Compostela)
Real flamenco dancers use umbrellas (Carnival parade, Santiago de Compostela)
Parque do Monte de Almáciga
Parque do Monte de Almáciga (Santiago de Compostela)
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Weeks {16-18} in review

Faro at Santander

I am in bed and suffering from some post-Carnaval stress to the system. My nose is dead to me. I may have just eaten spoiled yogurt but will never know because I can taste nothing. Dulling effects aside, Carnaval has been quite a grand affair. But let’s back up. In the past three weeks, I:

  • Royally ate pavement while running in the Alameda, much to the dismay of my hands, knees, and iPhone screen.
  • Got bullied by 5th graders
  • Inhaled a couple more rounds of pulpo
  • Attended an antique car show, lacking in all things MG
  • Saw Santander, a good friend, and the sun, all at the same time (yes, this is an achievement)
  • Celebrated a very merry Gal-entine’s Day with wine, strawberries/spoons dipped in chocolate, and…kombucha
  • Rang in Carnaval in a town that starts with an X
  • Got a new teaching gig
  • Ate pig face

So yes, things have been pretty busy around here. There’s a whole lot of visual that will make its way over here eventually.

Cheers my dears!


Retro Galicia, Shell oil

Retro Galicia

Retro Galicia (car show in Santiago de Compostela)

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Week {15} in review

A few blessed hours of sun at the Playa de Catedrales.
The perfect coffee spot to watch the rain: Hotel Costa Vella.
A half dozen “arco iris” (rainbow) sightings, including this one on my way to work.
Monte Pedroso
A run up Monte Pedroso (…I use the word “run” loosely).
Churrasco y patatas with the English profe.

Oh yeah…and this.

All day, every day:

This week’s biggest news is that I am drowning. It’s been raining for FIFTY-TWO DAYS. Did you get that? Fifty-two. Every day, Galicia wakes up and grumbles, “Today is going to be a bad day,” pulls the clouds over its head, and proceeds to cry. It is just.inconsolable. In the past week, the wind has also joined the fun, pushing the rain (and me) in all directions.

I am tired of being cold and I am tired of being wet. But Galicia compensates for its weepiness with incredible natural beauty, and for now, that is enough!

Stay dry!


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Week {14} in review

Boiro, Galicia.
Humans of Santiago.
Parque de la Alameda, Santiago de Compostela.
Parque de la Alameda, Santiago de Compostela.
“Risoterapia” (laughter therapy) with 2nd and 3rd graders.
A new café discovery: Pan e Chocolate, Santiago de Compostela.
New café discovery: Pan e Chocolate, Santiago de Compostela.

Don’t ask me where “Weeks 4-13” are…seek and ye will not find. We’re now running on 43 straight days of rain here in Galicia…not that I can complain from what I hear about the weather back home.  But I’m pretty sure I’m not leaving my bed today.

Peace, love, and lluvia,


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Week {3} in review

Week three brought lots of changes, the biggest of which was my move to Santiago de Compostela. Other things worth noting:

Port of Escarabote, Galicia
Obligatory coffee picture (La Tertulia, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia)
Playa Cabío
Playa Cabío at sunset (A Pobra, Galicia)
Favada asturiana, a traditional Asturian stew (as prepared by the English profe)
Preparing labels for art classes in English.
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as seen during my furious apartment hunting.
My students have taken to gifting me things…
Port of Escarabote
Here, the preferred method is to decapitate trees before they shed their leaves. Naked trees > leaves on the sidewalk, duh (Port of Escarabote, Galicia)
My two lovely Pobra roommates saw me off on my move to Santiago with a slice of cheesecake in a butter container. (Nauseating Bus, Galicia)