Winterless wonderland

Dogs in Georgia snow

I know y’all in the North get a good chuckle over how the South freaks out over winter weather. Here in Atlanta, the mayor declared a state of emergency over a potential inch of snow so this didn’t happen again. But snow is an absolute marvel to those of us who never get it. As I began writing this post, I couldn’t concentrate because it looked like some unearthly giant was grating romano cheese over my backyard. Sheafs of white pelted everything in sight. It’s more than a little distracting when your backyard turns into a highly decorated bowl of spaghetti.

If it gives you any idea of how foreign winter weather is to us, take me as an example. After I left work last night, I got into my car and realized I couldn’t see because, lo and behold, there was a sheet of ice plastered to my windshield. Feeling prepared for the first time in my life, I remembered that I had put an ice scraper (tag still attached) in my trunk. I pressed the open key, walked to the back of my car…and realized my trunk was frozen shut, rendering my ice scraper totally and completely useless. (The solution? Spoiler alert: coffee mugs aren’t just for drinking anymore.)

Anyways, what I initially intended to say is that I’ve got some photos from Laguna Beach headed your way this weekend. Hope you stayed warm and kept your ice scraper in your glove compartment!


Boom or Bust, Ed. 1


Atlanta skyline from the Westin

Boom: Four days at the annual Passion Conference in Atlanta with three wonderful friends. I am always skeptical of mass gatherings, but this one was well worth it. And this (above) is the view we woke up to every morning.

“Merino Cool” by Essie.

Bust: Sibling Two absconded with my only functional pair of jeans before I returned to college. Overalls anyone?

Boom: “Merino Cool” nail polish by Essie. It’s as if an eggplant was trying to get as pale as I am during the winter months. With much lovelier results, that is.

Bust: Sharing an all-female fitness class with my male Spanish professor. Asking “how sore are you?” in class is probably taboo.

Boom: A cure to my financial scatter-braindom. Ladies and gentlemen, meet It’s a free service that streamlines your finances – checking, savings, and credit card accounts – and provides helpful budgeting tools. I’ve only been using it a week, but I already feel more in control of my (nonexistent) money.


– MB

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The Fourth in the Peach State

July 4 is probably not the day you would pick to run a casual 10k. But at 7:30am in Atlanta, 60,000 people were doing just that.

The Peachtree Road Race has become something of a tradition in my family. My dad and I have been running it together since 2008. It follows Peachtree Street through the city of Atlanta, winding between buildings short and tall and streets lined with thousands of spectators (also short and tall), and finally ends in Piedmont Park.

Yesterday’s Peachtree Race was my fifth, and decidedly less painful than Peachtrees past. The weather? Superb. Curbside entertainment? Stellar. And the finish-line peaches? Absolutely savory.

Wave L starts the Peachtree Road Race under a huge American flag by Lenox Mall
The finishing area at Piedmont Park, with the skyline peeking through the trees.