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Week {3} in review

Week three brought lots of changes, the biggest of which was my move to Santiago de Compostela. Other things worth noting:

Port of Escarabote, Galicia
Obligatory coffee picture (La Tertulia, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia)
Playa Cabío
Playa Cabío at sunset (A Pobra, Galicia)
Favada asturiana, a traditional Asturian stew (as prepared by the English profe)
Preparing labels for art classes in English.
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as seen during my furious apartment hunting.
My students have taken to gifting me things…
Port of Escarabote
Here, the preferred method is to decapitate trees before they shed their leaves. Naked trees > leaves on the sidewalk, duh (Port of Escarabote, Galicia)
My two lovely Pobra roommates saw me off on my move to Santiago with a slice of cheesecake in a butter container. (Nauseating Bus, Galicia)

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