The best part of waking up…

Porto hostel coffee

…is not Folgers in your cup; at least, not when you’re in Portugal and your hostel’s kitchen has mountains of coffee beans ready for the grinding. The food selection was otherwise spartan (artificial orange juice and foreign cocoa flakes), but hey, who needs food when you have coffee? (August 21, 2011. Porto, Portugal)

Backpacking crew.


August 20, 2011. Meet the backpacking crew in all its glory. From left to right, we have LJ, Kayes, and Meeks, all waiting for the train.

We flew from Stansted, England to Porto, Portugal on the sturdy wings of Ryanair, arriving in the roasty toasty Portugal sun around noon.

Pro: deliciously cheap flight.

Cons: laughably long boarding lines, shrieking demon child.