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Today marks two weeks since I moved to Spain – can you believe it? Seeing as I’ve done a pretty poor job writing as I go, here are some highlights from my first 14 days as an expat.

Sunrise in A Pobra do Caramiñal.
Lunch, as made by the English teacher: Spanish tortilla, salad, Albariño wine.
Lunch as made by the English teacher: salad,  Albariño wine, and Spanish tortilla.
Salad & prosciutto with cheese
Salad & prosciutto with cheese.
Café con leche and churros.
PB&J on a rainy day
PB&J on a rainy day.
A Pobra, regularly.
A Pobra, regularly.
A Pobra, on a rare sunny day.
  • First Spanish word I learned: Escarabajo (as in the type of car I drive – a Beetle!).
  • First English phrase I taught my teacher: Couch potato.
  • Weather in Galicia: Really, really rainy (ahem.)
  • In a manner of speaking: There are two languages in Galicia – Castellano (standard Spanish) and Gallego (the regional language). Residents of Galicia are raised learning both languages. When I first got here, my Spanish was so rusty I couldn’t understand the difference between the two, because I understood nothing at all. Now…let’s be real, that still happens.
  • Weirdest food eaten: Octopus. Suckers and all. Suckas.
  • Beverages I know how to order: Café con leche and vino blanco. Es todo.
  • Peanut butter consumption: Moderate. Still on my second jar.
  • My school: Small but wonderful, with less than 200 students and less than 20 teachers. The kids have a terrifying amount of energy, and the teachers, a terrific amount of patience. My face hurts from smiling by the end of every day.

I really like it here so far. Big changes are on the way, though. This weekend, I am moving out of A Pobra (the little beach town I am in) and up to Santiago, a much larger city with a university. I will be living with two Spanish college students (!), and will definitely miss the two wonderful Americans I have been living with here in A Pobra. But Spanish must be learned!

Hasta luego,