Boom or Bust, Ed. 1


Atlanta skyline from the Westin

Boom: Four days at the annual Passion Conference in Atlanta with three wonderful friends. I am always skeptical of mass gatherings, but this one was well worth it. And this (above) is the view we woke up to every morning.

“Merino Cool” by Essie.

Bust: Sibling Two absconded with my only functional pair of jeans before I returned to college. Overalls anyone?

Boom: “Merino Cool” nail polish by Essie. It’s as if an eggplant was trying to get as pale as I am during the winter months. With much lovelier results, that is.

Bust: Sharing an all-female fitness class with my male Spanish professor. Asking “how sore are you?” in class is probably taboo.

Boom: A cure to my financial scatter-braindom. Ladies and gentlemen, meet It’s a free service that streamlines your finances – checking, savings, and credit card accounts – and provides helpful budgeting tools. I’ve only been using it a week, but I already feel more in control of my (nonexistent) money.


– MB