Two years later.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve enjoyed maintaining this little plot of cyberland, but will say I’ve found it increasingly difficult to prioritize creating – writing – over the past years. Shall we blame it on social media, responsible for incessantly ramming insipid details and curated images into the brain? Why yes, we could do that. The glut of self-promoting media and contrived content certainly has reached a deafening roar in recent years. With everyone else shouting “look at me look at me LOOK AT ME,” I haven’t particularly felt the need to add my voice to the din. Quite uninspiring.

Realistically, though, I’ve been busy. I created this site nearly a decade ago when I had the most free time I’ll ever have in life. A junior in college, embarking upon a semester abroad with wide eyes and wide mind. Over the years, as I have explored and found my way in the world, this has been my space to capture and create, write and remember. Though ten years later I’m still growing and thinking and observing life with saucers for eyes, it’s become harder for me to take time out of living life to write about it, perhaps for fear of missing living another moment. Truly, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s to cherish the lived moments we have, and to be wholly present for them.

So on the two year anniversary of a total lack of input on this page, I grant you these words and with them the knowledge that I am alive and quite well. Perhaps one day I’ll catch you up on my assorted contemplations and the myriad adventures life has taken me on. But for now, I’ll just let this post relieve the self-imposed pressure to make my first post after two years a profound one. Also here are some trees.

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