Ruminations, U.S.A.

Muscle pizza and orange rabbits

The Orange Rabbit in all its glory. (No hating on my flip phone’s camera.)

Last week I went to Miami to apply for my visa, and I must say it was one of the least fulfilling trips I have ever taken. I do not, however, blame this on Miami. I arguably wasn’t even in Miami, but the district of Coral Gables (where the Spanish Consulate is). Coral Gables’ only attraction within walking distance of my hotel was Miracle Mile, a road of nice-enough shops capped off with a Denny’s. I did not even set foot on a beach. The only time I saw water was when it was being leached from my skin by the heat.

The good news is that my visa appointment went off without a hitch – ten minutes from start to finish. But do you know how irritating it is to spend a few hundred dollars to fly to a city for the sole purpose of handing someone ten pieces of paper? Very. Irritating.

Anyway. What’s done is done. The three highlights of my stay were seeing this orange rabbit (a reminder to us all of dangers of GMO carrots), passing a store called Coral Gables Juice Bar & Muscle Pizza (???), and visiting Books & Books, which, coincidentally, is not a part of Miracle Mile and (not coincidentally) wonderful.

Now I am a lady in waiting. Visa visa come to me!


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