Being a lord of leisure


Fran: What are you going to do with all your time off, Manny?
Manny: Oh I don’t know. Long baths. Braid my beard. Unbraid it. Lie around, fondling moonbeams, being a lord of leisure.

Yesterday wrapped up the family’s two-week summer vacation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a lord of leisure, if for no other reason than because I’ve gotten to escape my bedroom. I moved out of Athens a couple of weeks ago, and the King decided the best way to handle my move back home was to put all my college stuff in my home bedroom. All of it. Merciless man. Now my full-sized bed is shared by heaps of clothes and a large black trunk. Don’t worry, the pots, pans, and lightbulbs are on the floor.

On a less tedious note, here are some interesting finds for your leisure time.

  • Can you believe these are oil paintings? Like whoa.
  • The British TV series Black Books (watch it on Netflix). I cannot say enough good things about this show. I haven’t laughed this much since Parks & Recreation.
  • The 40 Days of Dating project that chronicles what happens when two friends (both professionals in the art world) started to date in NYC. It’s an intriguing, bare-all project. Check it out for the graphics, if nothing else.
  • The towns of Boring and Dull tackle tourism.
  • How does the gendering of a book’s cover make girls versus guys want to read it?

Now, off to find a home for my sombrero.

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6 thoughts on “Being a lord of leisure”

  1. You know what TV series I think you would enjoy? Check out Blackadder if you haven’t seen it yet. Luke introduced me to it a while ago and I think you’d appreciate the quirky British humor.

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