Boom or Bust, Ed. 2

Egg, avocado, and toast
Egg + avocado + toast = EAT (see what I did there)

Boom: The mighty avocado does it again. I have seen this delicacy countless times on food blogs, but tried it myself just this week. For a quick  and scrumptious meal, toast a slice of bread. Take 1/2 a ripe avocado, scoop onto toast, and mash with a fork. Fry an egg and plop it on top. A dash of salt and pepper, and tell your taste buds they’re welcome.

Bust: Kroger couples. In Athens, they are everywhere – barricading your black beans with their hand-holding and slowing your grocery-store sprint. When did the grocery store become a dating hotspot? I know making eyes at someone over a bushel of broccoli is titillating but please, get a room. I will be shopping in advance of February 14.

Boom: Cross fit. As part of free week at the campus gym, I sampled a class and experienced exquisite levels of muscle soreness for the next three days. The class consisted of circuit training – easy to replicate at your local gym:

1. Run 200 yards (lap around indoor track).
2. Do 100 squats.
3. Lap around track.
4. 25 burpees. (Bane of my existence but works every muscle)
5. Lap around track.
6. 50 full sit-ups.
7. Repeat 1-6 twice for a total of three circuits. Well done, buff you!

The premise of the class is to time yourself and beat that time in the future. What are you waiting for?

Bust: My butt (and legs and abs and shoulders) after Cross fit.

Boom: Brilliant yet obvious insight for the week…Dora the Explorer is named as such because the Spanish word for “explorer” is exploradora. Coincidence? I think not.

Here’s to a fresh new week!


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