This year’s participants of my finals paper-writing blitz.

There comes a time in every student’s life when the only things less appealing than facing another day of finals are (a) bathing in orange juice (b) hot gluing your toes together and (c) napping with barbed wire.

At this point, barbed wire is sounding cushy. After 30 pages of paper-writing in less than a week, I am droopy and draggy and all things dull. I have no idea where my grades stand in my classes. I found a cereal bowl between my pillows. I have worn the same outfit for the past three days. I am typing words backwards on my keyboard.

But I am done with my last fall semester of college, and I must say it has been a marvelous one. If you’re still chugging through finals, ONWARD! The holidays await, my friends!

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